A talent development initiative for underprivileged girls with association with boAt

Shikhar Dhawan Foundation in collaboration with boAt organised Freedom To Play. Freedom to Play is a Talent Development Initiative that brought together various teams from the NCR region who competed to win the title of Freedom to Play Champions. This football tournament is aimed at supporting young and passionate girls from marginalised communities in pursuing their love for sports. Shikhar Dhawan Foundation partnered with various agencies to provide the best experience to all the players. They were provided with scrumptious meals, gluten-free treats, hydrating iced teas, and healthy snacks.
All the participants were given an equal opportunity to compete and win the one-year scholarship. The winning team would be awarded a scholarship for sports enhancement training by elite coaches. The training would not only focus on upskilling the players, but also provide exposure to various state tournaments.
The teams competed for two days, with more than 130 participants. In every match, awards were given to the best player and best goalkeeper, and on the same token, the top players of the tournament were given due accolades and recognition. All the teams and their coaches thanked the Foundation for this considerate initiative.

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