For every 25 runs and 3 wickets during Punjab Kings IPL matches, a scholarship will be granted.

The partnership of Shikhar Dhawan Foundation, Punjab Kings, and M3M Foundation embodies the spirit of one dedicated to the betterment of the nation.

Applications Open Now!!

Take Flight with "Jazbe की Udaan"

Are you a young women with aspirations? Apply now for a chance to receive a scholarship. Let “Jazbe की Udaan” be the wind beneath your wings as you embark on a journey towards education and empowerment.
*Terms & Conditions apply

Frequently Asked Questions

The scholarship is open to female students from underserved communities.

The Shikhar Dhawan Foundation will shortlist deserving applicants based on predetermined criteria. The selection process will ensure transparency and fairness in identifying girls with the potential to benefit from higher vocational training.

Scholarships can go up to 5 lakhs and will be used to fund the education of deserving girls from economically disadvantaged homes. The funds can be applied towards under-graduation or post-graduation studies or Vocational Education until the completion of the course.

The scholarship supports higher vocational training across various fields. It is designed to empower girls to pursue education and training in areas that align with their career aspirations and contribute to their financial independence.

Shikhar Dhawan Foundation will establish a monitoring and support system to track the academic and personal progress of scholarship recipients. This ensures ongoing assistance and encouragement throughout their educational journey.

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted via email due to the anticipated high volume of responses. If selected, further instructions and details regarding the next steps in the scholarship process will be communicated through the provided contact information. We appreciate the enthusiasm and interest of all applicants and thank them for their understanding.