Shikhar Dhawan Foundation in Association with Doctors For You Addresses the Last Mile Gap in Cancer Patients’ Recovery Through “Plug The Gap” Campaign

Shikhar Dhawan Foundation in association with Doctors For You Launched the campaign “Plug The Gap” to solve the last mile problem of cancer patients in reaching out to hospitals and successfully completing the cancer treatments.

A lot of cancer patients are eligible for financial support towards treatment but due to their inability to afford the indirect expenses such as travel, accommodation, etc, they fail to receive the treatment or have to leave the treatment midway. This problem is faced by many people on a big scale and it leads to a low successful recovery rate for cancer patients.

Shikhar Dhawan Foundation in association Doctors For You has taken up this challenge and will plug this gap by providing the required support and connecting patients to hospitals. Also along with that the campaign will provide further support towards medications, chemotherapy support, surgery
sponsorship, and financial Support for diagnosis.

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