SHIKHAR DHAWAN FOUNDATION launches #StoriesWithSDF, a platform to express your story to the world.

We hear you and we are here for you✨

SHIKHAR DHAWAN FOUNDATION launches #StoriesWithSDF, a platform to express yourself & share your story with the world. With this initiative, we will be sharing the previously unsaid & unheard anecdotes. These have the tendency to bring a change in our community and help those who have lived through their unspeakable pain.

Here comes our first episode: a story of an acid attack survivor – Mukesh. The incident happened in 2004 when Mukesh’s cousin brother threw acid on his face due to family property disputes.

🎥Watch our first episode to listen to the story of Mukesh.
Click here to watch Story of Mukesh

🎥Head towards our second episode to listen to the story of Raksha.

Click here to watch story of Raksha
To be a part of #ShareWithSDF, you can share your story with us.

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