Shikhar Dhawan receives Humanitarian of The Year 2021 Award

Shikhar Dhawan was Awarded Humanitarian of The Year 2021 at Double Helical National Health Awards 2021

In 2021, an event of significant repute took place, where the illustrious Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan was presented with a highly esteemed accolade – the ‘Humanitarian of the Year’. This commendation was a part of the Double Helical National Health Awards 2021, which were organized by Double Helical, a prestigious national magazine renowned for its significant contributions to health-related discourse and awareness.

Shikhar Dhawan was recognized and lauded for his remarkable support and relentless care provided during one of the most challenging times India has ever faced – the COVID-19 pandemic. His humanitarian efforts stood as a beacon of hope and resilience amid the turbulent waves of the crisis.

In this context, it’s essential to acknowledge and express our profound gratitude to all stakeholders involved in this journey. Their unwavering support and commitment have played a critical role in the success of our endeavors. Above all, our heartiest thanks goes out to our community – their constant encouragement and support have been a vital driving force, motivating us to press on, no matter how daunting the challenges that lie ahead.

The Double Helical National Health Awards 2021, presented by the leading health-oriented magazine Double Helical, aim to celebrate and honor individuals and organizations that make substantial contributions to public health, especially during crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. Shikhar Dhawan’s commendation stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity that strives to make a difference when it matters most.

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