UNCHAAI- A Celebration Marking SDF’s 1-Year Journey of Impacting Lives

UNCHAAI- A Celebration Marking SDF’s 1-Year Journey of Impacting Lives 

A year ago, we embarked on a mission to create change, and we have been supporting and closely working with various marginalized groups across the country.

As we reflect on the year, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for all the opportunities we’ve had to make a difference and the expression of that is this celebration with our community.

At the event, 11 organizations supporting 11 different social causes were invited and given a platform to interact and showcase their special talents, over 200 attendees, including influencers, and community leaders joined and experienced the #joyofgiving 

The differently-abled children and people from less advantaged communities were provided with resources of their need, including hygiene and educational kits, Sanitary Pads, Coolers, digital devices, sewing machines, sports equipment, etc.

The event was an emotional and inspiring tribute to the power of kindness, compassion, and generosity in making the world a better place. #togetherwerise 

We look forward to another year of making a difference 

#RiseUpWithSDF #UpwardsandOnwards #CommunityUpliftment #Unchaai #Volunteers #Welfare #ImpactingLives #communitydevelopment 

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